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What about Your Garage Door— is it Sexy?

12490888-house-key-gold-real-estate-logoWho knew that garage doors could be sexy? Well they are according to two creative brothers and entrepreneurs Jamon and Taj Jones creators of the Garage Door Company in the Atlanta area. With a loan from their parents, Jamon and Taj opened their business in 2005 to show homeowners how garage doors don’t have to plain but make a grand statement about you, your home and maybe even your personality.

So before you get that plain garage door that goes along with the home, check out Jamon and Taj of the Garage Door Company and let them give you a different perspective on that all important garage door.



4561615964034603581If you live in one of the nine counties hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, you may be eligible for a $50,000 loan that will be forgiven.

The nine counties included are: Atlantic, Bergen, Cape May, Essex, Hudson, Middlesex, Monmouth, Ocean and Union Counties.

Here’s the Kicker, you will need a 620 credit score as one of the qualifiers for this program. You will have to reside in the home for five years and the loan will be forgiven. The State’s goal is to assist 500,000 homeowners. The program will officially open in 90 days.

Here’s the link to get an early jump:

Good Luck!


imagesCAU0UOCMWell, for one The Miss America Pageant is coming back to Atlantic City, NJ after nine years with a new addition. On September 14, 2013 a parade will be added to the festivities. The parade will be televised on WPVI TV out of Philadelphia. Floats have gone up in price -$2000– from $200 — in 2004 and local businesses are not too happy about it but the show must go on!

I always thought the decision for the pageant to leave Atlantic City was a knee-jerk reaction and I’m glad to have it return. I believe it will be a welcome return to the tourist here who like to see the pageant contestants up close when and where they get the chance.

There’s also Bingo Rock ‘n Roll Bingo Tonight at 8:00 p.m. for a $10 donation.