hiscoreYes it does. It doesn’t matter if you want to buy or rent, your CREDIT SCORE will come into play. I mentioned this in a different post (read it here). The time to be concerned with your credit is BEFORE you actually start to look for an apartment or a home.
My colleague had a client come in to meet with her the other day and they were so excited about renting their new apartment. She sat them with them and asked them a few questions to get a feel for where they were in the process. Her next question was, “Have you checked your credit score?” Surprisingly their answer was, “No” but we are ready to rent our new apartment.

486422206_royalty_free_no_clipart_illustration_68703_answer_1_xlargeYou’re NOT Ready if you have not checked your credit score or don’t know what your credit score is or you don’t know what debt you have. My colleague had to inform them that when renting just as when buying a home, your credit report has to be pulled to determine if the agent can assist you in your rental efforts. Remember I stated in a previous post that your credit report is all the landlord can use to determine if you are eligible. Unless it is a private rental, your credit score is the key factor in determining whether or not you will get the rental. If your credit score is below 500 because you have outstanding debt of any kind, unfortunately it is more than likely that the Realtor will not be able to assist you. Therefore you must be prepared. If you are ready to buy or rent a home, pull your own credit report, go overĀ  your own numbers.

To help with that, I have created a report that will assist you in preparation, KNOW_YOUR_NUMBERS_KIT

If you would like a copy, please reply to this post. I will be more than happy to assist.

To your Rental or Buying Success!