How Is Your Credit?

hiscore The worse time to fix something is when you need it. The same  goes for your credit. Let’s say you’ve been telling yourself for the last six months that you have to pay down or pay some bills off and get your credit in order. Six months, no, seven months pass and you’ve done nothing to change it then WHAM! the landlord is selling your building for those same seven months and never informed the tenants and you all receive a letter in the mail that the building is sold and you have 30 days to move. This may be a little dramatic but bare with me. Since you didn’t keep that promise to yourself you are in a pickle. You have to move and your credit is not where it needs to be. This happens to often. Who’s to blame?

Well, if you are taking responsibility for your actions and inactions like you should be then I’m sorry, it’s on you.

I see this all the time as a Realtor.

When these situations come up, it’s too late. You need to move and the first question the Realtor has is, “How’s your credit?” Your credit will always come into question when you have to move so if you know your credit needs fixing no problem. Call a Realtor who usually works with credit companies that can guide you in getting the problem solved so it’s no longer a problem. It’s ok to have a credit situation. It’s not okay to let it sit there and you do nothing about it. Unfortunately, whatever happens you did it to yourself. Don’t hate the messenger.

If your credit needs to be repaired and you’re not sure, what to do, call me or reply to this post. It would be a pleasure to assist you in getting your numbers together. If you want to get a complimentary copy of my “Know Your Numbers Kit”, please reply to this post.

You want to be ready if that letter arrives with no worries because you solved the problem.

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