2014 was a year most of us will not forget. The World is in turmoil as we speak. In the black community there seems to be a siege on black people from law enforcement. AirAsia lost over 300 souls on their recent flight. There was a car crash on the way home earlier today on Route 40. I didn’t see the driver or anyone else and I hope that there were no casualties. A Real Estate Agent was murdered a few months ago while showing a home to who she thought was safe – a prospective buyer.  Some of these events happen more often than others like a car crash or someone getting hurt but this year it has been extraordinary.

The question remains is what are we the citizens of this planet going to do moving forward? Are we going to allow our world — our planet– to continue in this fashion? It’s time for a change. I don’t exactly know what that, is but I am open to new ideas and new ways of thinking. We cannot continue on the path we are on.

I would like to take this Opportunity to Thank everyone that I have assisted in their Real Estate endeavors (client or not). If you had a question and I answered it to your satisfaction, I thank you for the opportunity. To my clients that I assisted, supported or guided thank you and I look forward to an Even Better, Prosperous, Progressive, Profitable, Productive & PEACEFUL 2015~~~

LET’S BE DARING in 2015!