There may be Help Coming for Homeowners who are Current in their Mortgage

Yes, there may be help on the way for homeowners who are current with their mortgage but may need loan modification so they don’t fall behind on their mortgage. All of the other assistance has been for homeowners who have already fallen behind on their mortgage which lead to some homeowners deliberately falling behind so they can get some help. Hopefully, that won’t have to happen if the negotiation that the federal government is now conducting with five of the country’s largest mortgage companies to develop a plan to allow homeowners who are underwater to refinance their loans to lower rates.

This would help everyone – those who are current and those who have fallen behind. Click the link below to read the whole story.

Atlantic City Homeowners will receive FREE carbon monoxide detectors

That’s right. If you are a homeowner in Atlantic City who occupies their single-family home, you will receive a free carbon monoxide/smoke detector from the Atlantic City Fire Department. According to Chief Dennis Brooks at $35 per unit the cost may be too much for homeowners so they will be provided at no cost. The cost of these carbon monoxide/smoke dectectors will not come out of taxpayer funds.

The carbon monoxide/smoke detectors will be given out in different locations around Atlantic City. You can read the article in full to see where and when to pick up your carbon monoxide/smoke detector. This is a great program being offered by the Atlantic City Fire Department.

Atlantic County NJ Women October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month~

Remember to get your annual mammogram this month ladies. Gentlemen too! actually.  Although men get breast cancer too women are the focal point because we suffer from breast cancer in larger numbers so go get those mammograms. Women also have the major decision in buying a home so go get those mammograms ladies because it’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and your health matters.

I know in Atlantic County Atlantic Medical Imaging used to give free mammograms to any woman during the month of October as long as she had a prescription written for a mammogram by a doctor. I don’t know if they still do this so be sure to call them 609-677-XRAY to  check, especially if you don’t have any insurance this is a great public service from AMI to the community to provide this service for women.

Remember, EARLY detection is KEY!

Also, check out to donate or contribute.

Atlantic County NJ – The Survey Says!

Americans – NJ -wants to be homeowners overall.  According to a recent survey conducted by the 2011 National Housing Pulse Survey released by the National Association of Realtors in June, 72 percent of renters surveyed said owning a home is a top priority for their future. This is up from 63 percent in 2010. This poll represents Americans as a whole and didn’t necessarily break it down by state but overall Americans wants to be homeowners overall. I think it’s safe to say Atlantic County NJ can be included in those numbers. As I said in a previous post, We want to own our own home.

A few things have to happen in order for us to prosper and not just survive. America has to get back to work. It looks like we’re moving in that direction according to this article

more jobs were created by American employers and gave a boost to U.S. stocks because of this fact. If we can keep moving in this direction at a quicker pace, we will be able to get america back to work.

I still say we need to change the way we buy homes in this new economy as I said in a previous post. If this economic downturn has taught us nothing else, it should have taught us that to continue to buy homes the same way in the future as we have in the past is insanity

We can’t change what we don’t acknowledge.  What do you think?

Atlantic County NJ How to Own a Home in this New Economy

I can’t see America becoming a nation of renters again. I think it’s safe to say that everyone wants to own a home in American – new or old economy. We just have to do it differently. Be better prepared. Face some truths. I was watching an episode of Suze Orman’s Money Class the other day and she said, “You have to stand in your own Truth”. Whatever that truth of yours is you have to stand in it. That is the only way for all of us to get past this struggle we’re in. We have to accept that the economy is not going back to the way it was and the economy is not going to change so we have to. Change for the better or worse but change none the less.