Everyone wants a home – After all it is the American Dream

Well isn’t it? I was just speaking to a client of mine this morning who I would like to help get a home. I cold called her in March and she said she was looking for a lease option. She doesn’t  have an email address so I mailed a letter to her home asking her some questions and sent a self-addressed stamped envelope for her convenience to mail back to me. She never actually did send it back. I called her a few times and missed her or she was not in the best of moods. I decided to leave her alone for a few weeks and just called her again this morning. She said that she wants to get a home but has section 8. I didn’t know that at first but since I am diligent in my follow-up, I now know that I need to find out about programs that she qualifies for even though she is on section 8. Since New Jersey is the fourth most expensive state to live in, it can some times be difficult for those in the lower income brackets to get a home but there are programs available and if there is a program she is eligible for as a section 8 recipient, I will find it for her because after all it is the American Dream.

3 thoughts on “Everyone wants a home – After all it is the American Dream

  1. Great article about persistance and a will to help others attain their dreams. I am sure with your tenacity and skills, you will be able to help her fulfill her “American Dream.”

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