Does Your Upstairs Need Rehabbing?

4561615964034603580What I mean by that is, do you own a property in Atlantic City that has apartments “UPstairs” that need to be rehabbed in the 14-block Atlantic Avenue district. If you own such a property, you can get those rehabbing funds and offer tenants a great apartment to live in in the Atlantic City district.

The Atlantic County Improvement Authority will provide loans to qualified property owners who meet the criteria and have vacant rental units above commercial retail stores located from Michigan to Massachusetts Avenues.

California Commons Quick Update

4561615964034584036Just spoke to UEZ office yesterday and was told that all is well and moving forward. The Board meeting is still scheduled for November 14, 2013 to officially vote in Michael Fink to head the project. Robert Kahan may still be involved in the project although Mr. Fink will be involved.

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12490888-house-key-gold-real-estate-logoYES. California Commons is a GO GO GO! Even though the phone number may be disconnected, the Project is still a GO. I called the City of Pleasantville, NJ and spoke to the office of UEZ and was told the project will go forward with or without Mr. Kahan. I informed the office of UEZ that the number is disconnected and was told that their office was told that Mr. Kahan would be moving to a new office and would contact everyone. I don’t know if Mr. Kahan’s office contacted anyone or not but I am telling you all that the project is a GO.

And another FYI: There really were songbirds that have been occupying that 22 acre piece of land which held up the permit for the last three months and did not allow the ground to be broken. The Mayor got involved with the project to help move it forward and that helped tremendously. There will also be another developer being considered for the project, Mr. Michael Fink, to either assist or take over the completion of California Commons. This is a very important project for the City of Pleasantville and they want to make sure it gets completed.

YAY! For those of you who are still interested, please contact me via this blog or send me an email:

I will keep in touch with the office UEZ and keep you informed.



In Atlantic City which is a diverse piece of Atlantic County because you have residents who are renters along with homeowners along with investment properties, three sold since the beginning of the year in a price range of $78,000 to $137,000. Keep in mind these were not bank owned foreclosures, approved short sales or sales subject to third party approvals. These were “regular” sales and only three. That means the remainder of the market is composed of sales from the three previously mentioned categories.

Absecon showed no sales with the above parameters for the same period of the beginning of this year to present.

Brigantine had ten sales from the price range of $125,000 to $499,000 using the above parameters.

Egg Harbor Township had 13 sales from $148,000 to $295,000.

Pleasantville had one sale for $125,000.

Ventnor City had five sales from $255,000 to $349,000.

Egg Harbor City had no sales.

This is just a glimpse and keep in Mind, this DOES NOT Include bank owned foreclosures, etc.



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I thought I’d share this picture of an artist’s rendition that I had done to depict what this property could look like when renovated.


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It is that time of year again. Breast cancer awareness month is here again. I think of my mom who I lost to breast cancer while I was carrying my son. I just wanted to write this post to remind every woman to get her annual mammogram, eat the best foods for cancer prevention and do everything in your own individual power to prevent cancer.

You owe it to yourself and your Loved Ones!