12490888-house-key-gold-real-estate-logoYES. California Commons is a GO GO GO! Even though the phone number may be disconnected, the Project is still a GO. I called the City of Pleasantville, NJ and spoke to the office of UEZ and was told the project will go forward with or without Mr. Kahan. I informed the office of UEZ that the number is disconnected and was told that their office was told that Mr. Kahan would be moving to a new office and would contact everyone. I don’t know if Mr. Kahan’s office contacted anyone or not but I am telling you all that the project is a GO.

And another FYI: There really were songbirds that have been occupying that 22 acre piece of land which held up the permit for the last three months and did not allow the ground to be broken. The Mayor got involved with the project to help move it forward and that helped tremendously. There will also be another developer being considered for the project, Mr. Michael Fink, to either assist or take over the completion of California Commons. This is a very important project for the City of Pleasantville and they want to make sure it gets completed.

YAY! For those of you who are still interested, please contact me via this blog or send me an email:

I will keep in touch with the office UEZ and keep you informed.


  1. In my contract I am lot number 4.11 block number 200 and still am very interested but heard nothing. Thanks for keeping us posted

    • Hi April, the project is going forward from what I have been told so your contract is solid according to the information I have received but will contact them again this week so come back to the blog. Glad to be of assistance. Thank you for stopping by.

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