Do you know what type of mortgage you have? ARM? Fixed? Hybrid?

If you already have a mortgage, hopefully you’re familiar with the type of mortgage you have because it was explained to you by the mortgage representative that helped you get approved.

If you are still going through the process of getting a mortgage, do you know what type of mortgage it’s going to be? ARM? Adjustable Rate Mortgage. Fixed? A fixed mortgage. Hybrid? A combination of a Fixed Rate mortgage and an Adjustable Rate Mortgage.

ARM: Adjustable Rate Mortgages: Mortgages that have adjustable rates from the start, which means your payments change over time.

Fixed Rate Mortgages: Mortgages where the rate is fixed for the life of the loan.

Hybrid ARM: Mortgages that have fixed payments for a few years and then turn into adjustable loans.

Have your mortgage representative explain which type of loan he or she is going to secure for you based on your qualifications.

Understanding what type of mortgage you’re going to have before you sign on the dotted line, can prepare you for some questions you may not have thought of until it is too late. For example, if you weren’t aware that with an ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage), the amount you will be responsible for will increase you can look at your finances and make sure you will be prepared for the increase or secure another type of mortgage.

Preparation is always best!

It’s best to talk to your Realtor who can point you in the Right Direction!

Any and all questions are welcome!

Are You Working with a Realtor?

Many times we start something and we are all excited about getting it done and then we become overwhelmed with the details involved.

My colleague is working with a young lady who has been working very diligently to find a home for herself, her son and fiancé. She has been working very hard and becoming very frustrated by the time she ran into my colleague who simply asked her, “Would you like me to assist you?” She smiled and breathed a loud “YES” and it was done. They are now working together and have found a home that is a fixer upper in a great area in the town she also works in so all will be well.

Remember, if you’re looking for a new home or a fixer upper, a Realtor is available to assistant and support.
Just ASK!

If I can assist or support you in anyway, please leave me a comment.

Help for Veterans in October~~~

762-royalty-free-content.jpgIf you are a Veteran in the South Jersey area or you know a Veteran in the South Jersey area, then be sure to get over to the Solider’s Home aka All Wars Memorial Building at 1510 Adriatic Avenue in Atlantic City on Thursday, October 9, 2014 between 9 am and 1 p.m

The American Legion along with Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian will join the South Jersey Regional Veterans Resource & Opportunity Fair.

The event is catering to Active Duty, National Guard, Reservists, Veterans and their families.

Vendors who can provide services for homelessness, mental health issues and veterans’ affairs are Invited to register.

If you’re an Employer or service provider that can offer services you MUST PRE-REGISTER with Martin Houston, State Parole Board at or call 609-984-4588.

WALK-INS are welcome but if you can please pre-register.

REGISTER NO Later than October 3, 2014!


Showing Homes Can Be Dangerous

As a Realtor and a female my job of showing homes can be dangerous and unfortunately this  was proven by the murder of a Real Estate Agent in Arkansas. She was simply doing her job of showing a home to a 486422206_royalty_free_no_clipart_illustration_68703_answer_1_xlargestranger who I’m sure she felt she had no reason to fear and went alone to the home showing. She did let her husband know where she was going so when she didn’t come home, he knew where to look for her. However, when he arrived at the home she was showing, she wasn’t there.

Unfortunately, they found her body this morning not too far from the home she was showing.

This can be a dangerous business for anyone showing homes alone however, as women we have to be mindful of the world we live in and ALWAYS think a few steps ahead and not go to a showing alone. I do not go to a home showing alone especially if it is a man (no offense fellas) and I don’t know him. Also, if you happen to be showing a home alone DO NOT WALK IN FRONT of the individual. Walk behind them. This way you have some leverage if something does happen. There is something all of us female Realtors and Real Estate Agents can do to protect ourselves,

My condolences to the family of Beverly Carter and to my female Realtors and Real Estate Agents let’s not show homes alone. Our Safety is what is most important. Let’s Be Careful Out There.imagesCAZ4UOL1