Homebuyer Assistance Program could benefit Teachers, Sanitation Workers!

Gusciora’s Assembly Bill A1452 establishes the “Police Officer, Firefighter, Public School Teachers, and Sanitation Worker Home-buyer Assistance Act” and appropriates $5 million for the program.

This bill is still in the works but Bill A1452 could benefit the people who keep us safe, the people who teach her children and the people who keep our cities and tow’s clean.

If it does pass, teachers, sanitation workers and police officers will be eligible fir a $10,000 loan fir a down payment for a home loan if they move to the municipality where they work.

However, keep in mind that although this would be a zero interest loan, it does come with a condition: This must be their primary address for five years and then 20 percent of the loan will be forgiven.

Would it be worth it to the officers, teachers and sanitation workers?

Our Military Veterans Deserve Our BEST!

Our Veterans who have pledged their lives to protect our liberties, deserve only the best from agents in the Industry.

Here is a link to a great article about how to help our veterans get that great home



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Home sellers….Do you Leave?

At the Open House do you leave and let the buyers really “see” the home without you being there? Well if you don’t you should. Allowing potential buyers to walk freely through the home will make them feel like they belong there. If you “Seller” are there you may feel that you have  to point out what you feel is special about the home, but believe me the potential buyers want to roam freely and use their own imagination and decide if they really like the home.

Leave the house and let them roam freely.

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Condo Buyers Beware of HOA fees and Something Else!

If you’re purchasing a condominium, it is always good to check on the HOA fees associated with the purchase to make sure there are no surprises. Your Realtor should have this information for you as soon as possible. However, there is another fee that is surprising condominium purchasers – One Time fees to be used on Specific Projects –

Ouch! Where did that come from? It is called Special Assessments.

Special Assessments may be imposed because of an emergency repair that was not budgeted for such as if the city needs to replace sewer lines or new streets, this will have to be passed on to the condominium owners and you will be told about the increase in a meeting or letter from your association.

So if you’re buying a condominium, make sure your Realtor does some research into the condo’s history, budget and any scheduled repairs and find out if they have an emergency fund and how big it is BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!

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First Time Homebuyers v. Investors

According to RisMedia, the competition for homes in this market is between first time homebuyers using FHA financing and Investors paying all cash for homes hitting median prices of $225 to $245k.

These buyers seem to be using the internet to search for homes.



Are Homeowners who thought they were Safe, going to get Flood Insurance in the wake of Hurricane Sandy

In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy’s devastation are many homeowners who thought and/or were told that they don’t need flood insurance because they are not in a flood zone get Flood Insurance? And more importantly, will insurance companies have to revamp their policies and re-zone for the sake of their homeowners who hold policies with them.

If you are a current policy holder, call your insurance company and ask questions. Now!

Hurricane Sandy Relief Still Going Strong

Hurricane Sandy relief is still going nationally in the form of concerts featuring celebrities like Kanye West, Alicia Keys and Bruce Springsteen.

In our our area in Atlantic City, NJ the church on Caspian Avenue will be passing out food to the local residents. So if you or anyone you know can use the help, get down there or let everyone know what is available.