Renew & Re-Energize!

download (10)Renewing and Re-energizing is always a good way to begin again. I’ve been frustrated about my life and my business has been paying the price. I haven’t been doing the activities that need to be done to run a successful business and I’m feeling it.

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Should I Fire my Client?

4194-mediumYou’re Fired! 

We hate to hear those words when we are employed on a job because that means the stopping of your money. Yeah, you can apply for unemployment benefits but that will take at least 6 weeks or more depending on the circumstances and bills still have to paid because you want to feed yourself and your family and keep the lights on.

What about when it comes to your business as a self-employed independent contractor who is in charge of creating your own paycheck? If you fire yourself by choice because you don’t feel it’s worth the hassle that’s one thing. However, when you are confronted with the question of whether or not you should fire the current client you are working with…hmmm…there are some things to consider.

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Should You Take that Listing?

IMG_20180219_121442This is a question all real estate agents ask themselves as they go on listing appointments to help their Sellers achieve their goal of getting their home sold. It can also be a challenge as it can feel like a double-edged sword. You know the old saying, “You’re d*d if you do, ….” We’re all human and we all want to help when and where we can. However, sometimes you have to be honest with yourself and your potential Seller and simply say, “I can’t help you with that” and be willing to walk away from taking the listing.

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What’s a Mortgage, Really?

download (7)When I was studying medical terminology I used the Mosby’s Dictionary to look up the root words of the terms I had to learn because I felt that would make it easier for me to recall each term. I looked the word Mortician/mortuary and the word means undertaker. So that is, of course, someone who deals with the dead.

When I looked up mortgage, since it starts out with the same mort, I thought this word must have something to do with death. Hmm–a mortgage? Ok. So I looked up the word mortgage in the dictionary and it says: a pledge of death! Huh~~

What does a pledge of death have to do with one’s mortgage?download (7)

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What You Focus on Expands!

download (6)It’s a Universal Law that we prove true everyday. We all go about our day complaining about one thing or another – this doesn’t work or that doesn’t work – she or he doesn’t like me, I can’t do this or that or this won’t work or that won’t work…you get my meaning. STOP doing That! If you keep using those types of words in your everyday life, that is what you are going to get because that is what you keep Focusing on. download (6)

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Get Back on Track!

download (5) School starts on September 6, 2018 in most of Atlantic County and maybe around the country. Some charter, private and Catholic schools have already begun their school year last week or so. As I usually speak about a topic that’s real estate related on my Real Estate Chick Got Questions Podcast, this week I wanted to switch it up a little and talk about Getting Back on Track since this is Back To School week for most children around the Country.

We all get a little off course, especially during the Summer months when the children are out of school. We go to bed later on the weekends, take more trips and outings to visit relatives and family activities. Before you know it, September is rolling around and it’s back to School and back to your schedule with a little more restriction. Everyone has to get used to Getting Back on Track.  download (5)

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File that Tax Appeal!

download (4)Yes you should especially if you live in Atlantic City! I am a homeowner and a Realtor and I file my tax appeal every year. It’s a one-page form A-1 that you can print out or pick up at the County tax office.

If you feel a little intimidated by the process, you can have your real estate agent assist you or do it for you and he or she may charge a small fee for their time. You can also have an attorney file the appeal for you. Keep in mind you will usually pay them by giving them a portion of the amount they save you. If you feel you can do it yourself, by all means get the form online or pick it up at the County office and the instructions are pretty simple and straight forward. However, if you don’t ask, the answer is ALWAYS NO!

I remember once at a listing appointment with an elderly couple and I asked them if they ever appealed their taxes and they looked at me like I had two heads and said No. I think the elderly sometimes feel it’s best to let whatever is in place stay in place with no fuss. However, that is not always in your best interest as a homeowner. You have a right to appeal your taxes if you feel they are too high.

What you are actually appealing is the Assessment, not your taxes. So you will have to do a little bit of work and research to present your case to the County tax board but it is worth it. If you don’t ask, the answer will always be NO. Don’t pay anymore taxes than you have to.

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