Happy Veteran’s Day

IMG220Happy Veteran’s Day to ALL who have Served. I write this post in memory of my Uncle Harold Hardy. He ascended February 21, 2014 ten years after the love of his life, My Aunt Ryoko (lovingly referred to as Aunt Yoko). They were never blessed with children of their own and of course, had mega-love for the children of others. My Uncle Served as a Cook, always providing love in the kitchen to the many Soldiers that he fed. He continued that love when he came home because he was always cooking huge meals in big pots even when it was only him and Aunt Yoko. He loved to BBQ and show off all of the cooking gadgets he bought off QVC. Lol.

Happy Veteran’s Day to Uncle Harold Hardy and All of the Those Who have Served or are Actively Serving.

You’re Under Contract…Will you get to Closing?

Don’t count that check until it is in Your Hands. download (14)

Don’t think for a moment that just because a property is Under Contract you have it on lock. So many things can go wrong between that moment and the Closing Table.

My under contract is a living example of this scenario. Here it goes, the inspection was scheduled for today and the home inspection company gets there and there’s no lock box on the door so the home inspection company cannot gain access. Huh? Yep, I have called my Seller and cannot get a response. What’s a Realtor to do?

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I will keep you posted.

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Who’s Building in Atlantic County, NJ!

I was riding around the general area where I live the other day to see who is building what in Atlantic County, New Jersey.

In Northfield behind Ashley Furniture Cresson Avenue, Cresson Hill is being developed dubbed South Jersey’s Newest Rental Community. Cresson Hill is offering 1 and 2 bedroom units with one bathroom and 2 baths for the two bedroom units. You will have to contact them for pricing. Cresson Hill is offering five different models to choose from – Aster, Burton, Cherrywood, Evergreen & Fabian.

Check out their website: https://cressonhill.com/

Down Delilah Road, diagonally across from Wawa, there is new construction with no name yet. However, I recall attempting to acquire the listing for the home that was on that property. The owner was looking for a development deal that didn’t go through. Well, it looks like the owner got their wish as ground is breaking as I write this, IMG_20181029_120056

And Cresson Hill


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Are the Home Inspections in Your State Regulated?

download (13)In New Jersey they are. Home Inspectors are required to be licensed and bonded. To be honest, I was surprised to find any States that aren’t regulated. A home is a huge emotional investment, not to mention the monetary factor.

When I purchased my home, I used a local inspector who was affiliated with our office at the time.

Check out my podcast to hear which States are not regulated,


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Happy Birthday in Heaven Uncle Harold!

IMG220I just wanted to pay a special Tribute to my Uncle Harold. Today would have been his 88th Born Day. His love story is truly wonderful and I’d like to share just a piece of it.

He met my Aunt Ryoko while in Japan during the war, apparently it was kismet for the two of them and he bought her back to the United States and they made a wonderful life together. They initially settled in Louisiana and then Seattle. My uncle wanted to make Aunt Yoko feel as comfortable as possible and there was a large Asian population in Seattle at the time so that’s where they settled. They enjoyed their lives together in Seattle with Uncle always enjoy the Seahawks in their box seats.

Unfortunately, Aunt Yoko ascended in 2004 and that’s when Uncle’s world changed.

Long story short, Uncle ascended on February 21, 2014. I miss him and just wanted to say Happy Born Day in Heaven Uncle Harold! Sleep in Peace!3bca4a7a8680e59342000aa69aeed93a-minphoto courtesy of happybirthdaycake2015.com via Google

Price Price Price

download (11)Price! The outcome of that one word will make or break a deal Every time. Sellers sometimes hold on to their properties longer than they probably should because of that word – Price. If they don’t get what they want, they won’t let the home go. The letgo app download (12) is so appropriate because we all sometimes hold on to our possessions longer than maybe we should. Of course, the price agreed upon will represent a win-win. Sellers sometimes have to take into consideration what they may be missing out on by holding on versus letting go. 

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