Happy New Year & What’s Your Real Estate Plans?

2019I hope Everyone had a Safe, Healthy & Happy New Year to ring in 2019!

Now that that’s all over with, what are your Real Estate Plans for 2019?19housing you planning to Buy a home in 2019? Are you planning on Selling a home in your portfolio or your primary residence? Are you looking to buy your First Flip? flip

Or Venture into the Commercial Market?commercial

So what’s next for your 2019? Don’t Know? question

No worries! That’s what I am here for. To be of Service for the direction you choose to go in 2019. Check out my first Real Estate Chick Got Questions Podcast where I speak about Saving Money –https://anchor.fm/simone-hardy/episodes/Save-Your-Money-e125n5.

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Gone — Not Forgotten

img_20190110_183417I’ve paid homage to my Uncle HaroldIMG220 on numerous occasions however I’ve never paid homage to his other half – his better half let him tell it — His Wife, His Soulmate, My Aunt Ryoko– lovingly img_20190110_183417called Yoko. I must apologize for that. That was not my Intention. However, now that I am aware of this neglect, my intention is to fix that by paying homage to my Aunt Ryoko Hardy.

I don’t know much of her life only what I was told by my Aunt Vera who raised me after my mom died when I was five.

The story goes that my Uncle Harold went to war and came home with a new Wife – His Soulmate and better Half – My Aunt Ryoko. There was talk of her family disowning her because of her choice of husband. Aunt Ryoko is from Japan and I am assuming the Japanese culture is against marrying outside of one’s culture or race. However, my Aunt Ryoko made her choice and came to the United States as my Uncle’s wife and they initially settled in Louisiana. I know that because my mother, Sarah, who was alive then sent them a letter and it was addressed to them in Louisiana or it was mentioned or something like that.

My Uncle Harold wanting my Aunt Ryoko to feel as much at home as possible, found a location where there was a larger number of people who looked like my Aunt Ryoko – other Asians – in Seattle, Washington. My Uncle Harold bought a home there and moved from Louisiana to Seattle and made a home and a life for him and my Aunt Ryoko.

They lived there for many years until my Aunt Ryoko died in 2004 while visiting her family in Japan. My Uncle Harold had to fly there and bring her body back home to eventually be buried with him when he died in 2014.

I said all of this to say a Belated Happy Birthday to My Aunt Ryoko Hardy. Her birthday is the same day as my sister, Denise Hendricks – January 8th. I don’t want my Aunt to think for one moment that she is forgotten. I don’t know if when she returned to her birthplace in Japan if her family forgave her or they otherwise reconciled their differences before she ascended. If for some reason that is not the case, I want you to know Aunty Yoko that we love You and you may be Gone – Not Forgotten.

If you’re fighting with family members or friends that mean something to You. Stop!

Let them know you Love them and Hug It Out.

To You & Yours,

Should Renters Get Renter’s Insurance?

44e77532292fb9a9914e1f5c834a9f76--insurance-quotes-life-insuranceYES! Renter’s insurance is Your protection as a tenant to get a check if anything happens to your property such as burglary or fire. You, of course, decide what you want to cover – it can be a little or a lot – because your premium will depend on what type of policy you have. These type of policies are usually very easy to get and don’t cost a fortune. Ease of getting a policy in place and not costing a lot is definitely worth checking it out so you can protect your valuables. Remember, the landlord has his or her policy in place. You may want to consider having your own policy in place….Just in Casedownload (19)It’s better to be prepared then to be caught off guard for something that you can get done in one phone call or an online click.download (20)

Not sure? Read this article…https://smartasset.com/mortgage/top-5-tips-for-buying-renters-insurance


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Sell Now OR Wait!

You can wait to Sell however keep in mind the price you list your home to Sell today will probably change in 60-90 days. Hand writing Time to Sell concept with red marker on transparent wipe board. Or Wait Hourglass on the shelf. and then try to catch up with the Market so sit down with your Real Estate Professional and let them explain your options. Have a Conversation.

Listen in and call your Realtor,


Here’s to you getting to the Closing Table and to the Next Step in Your Life.

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Danger Danger!

It really is like the robot on Lost In Spacedownload (18)shouting Danger Danger!

Although we don’t see the robot, the thought should be in the back of real estate agents minds everywhere when showing properties to prospective Buyers that there could be danger looming in the background. While most of us are law abiding citizens, there are some criminals with not good intentions who come to Open Houses and to vacant properties seeking to rob and steal. If you are the real estate agent that happens to be there when they show up — it could be a problem.

Listen in to this week’s segment — https://anchor.fm/simone-hardy/episodes/Danger-Danger-e2ogor

Safety First!

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Sellers & Short Sales!

Short Sales are Never the Ideal option for the Seller to sell their home, however, it does happen. In the instance of the Seller I was attempting to work with, the company that was going to handle the short sale reached out to him and to get them off of the phone, he told her he would call the next morning at 11 am. Of course, that didn’t happen. I have learned you have to approach Short Sales as a team. Since I am not an attorney, we each do our job in getting the Short Sale completed to the bank’s requirements: 1) The attorney speaks to the Bank 2) the Realtor lists the property.

Tune In to find out what I mean, https://anchor.fm/simone-hardy/episodes/Sellers–Short-Sales-e2mtke

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Firing Your Seller!

Sadly, I had to fire my Seller. However, like I state in my podcast, just like in Life – in Business you teach people how to treat you and what happened Is unacceptable.

download (17)

Tune in to find out what I mean, https://anchor.fm/simone-hardy/episodes/Firing-Your-Seller-e2ldat

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