I am Curious! Can Your Home Pay For Itself?

download (2)Hmm….Can one’s home pay for itself? Well, let’s see. When we buy our home, we think about enjoying all of our great possessions – beautiful living room set, ceiling fans, fantastic big screen television, etc. Of course, we work hard to pay for the luxuries in life that we want including our home. But, what if you could turn the tables and have Your Home Pay for Itself?

What might that look like?

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photodune-2650550-money-transfer-sThat’s the magic number that Buyers need to have at a minimum for being able to complete the purchase of a home with a pre-approval of $100,000.00.

Fifty-Two Hundred Dollars is the amount a Buyer should be shooting for in order to have down payment and closing costs.  Most Buyers are depending on ACIA, Smart Start or First Front Door to cover these costs.

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rudeWe’ve all done it at one time or another. We all know it’s not nice. It’s not how we were raised. Sometimes, our emotions do get the best of us.

Rudeness is unpleasant if you’re on the receiving end of it but if you’re on the giving end, you feel like you’re letting off some steam if someone has upset you. And while that may be true, take a step back, breathe and handle it better.

This is a lesson I had to learn while dealing with a potential Seller. She called me and asked me to list her house. As a real estate agent, those are words we want to hear. Wohoo!

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Do we use our Imagination anymore?

No intention to be rude but man oh man people want everything done for them. Half of the fun in life is fixing it up and figuring it out, making it what you want it to be. Now that’s cool. pexels-photo-935867(1)

When I work with buyers, my intention is always to bring Value by shaking things up a bit. Getting them to think outside the box…..Use their Imagination! We don’t seem to be doing that too much these days. I don’t know why — it’s so much more FUN!

I’m working with a buyer now who funds are limited and she’s a bit discouraged. I showed her a property today and it’s a bit older and worn however the possibilities are endless. I told her she can MAKE THE PROPERTY the way she wants it to be over time. But think about it, you’re getting a home for under $100k & you can make it your dream home over time. How Cool is that? When we use our imagination, nothing is IMPOSSIBLEIt takes Patience & Imagination.download (1)(2)

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What’s Your DTIR?

That’s your Debt-to-Income Ratio. Well, do you know? July 2017, Fannie Mae has allowed buyers to carry more debt. I don’t know if that’s good or bad however, it’s a change. Buyers have been challenged since the 2008 meltdown and it’s been more difficult to obtain a mortgage. I guess Fannie Mae feels like Buyers deserve a break and have allowed them to carry more debt.

You can carry more debt — BUTShould you? That will of course be up to each individual Buyer. I will caution each person considering to purchase to beware of carrying too much with a mortgage. It’s not the best way to handle your finances.


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Interest Rates Rising :( Ugh!

Well, I wanted to share a great finance expert with you. I share her link in my Know Your Numbers Kit. Finance Expert Shani Curry St. Vil from the Miami, Florida area shares her expertise on rising interest rates and how it affects Buyers & Sellers overall in the real estate market. Definitely worth sharing,

Finance Expert Shani Curry St. Vil

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Renters will have a choice on Tilton Road!


Photo courtesy of pressofatlanticcity.com. No copyright infringement intended.

There’s a 266-multi-unit apartment complex coming to Northfield-Tilton Road that is. It’s been in the works since 2014. Developer Gurwicz & Sons received minor subdivision and major site-plan approval from the Board March 2016.

The complex will be called Cresson Hill to be built in four phases with 14 3-story, 45 foot high buildings, a pool and a 3,000 square foot community center. 40 of the units will be affordable housing with 225 market rate units as well as sparking space for 575 vehicles.

This is great news and I will keep you posted as the project continues to develop.


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