IMG434 (1)(1)Well to put it bluntly, and the last follow up….CALIFORNIA COMMONS is a dead Deal. It would have been nice but it is what it is.

Now on to the next. It is called City Center….The Pleasantville City Center that is, and it is being constructed as we speak. The Pleasantville City Center is expected to be completed by the Summer of 2015 and will offer 135 units composed of one, two and three bedroom units of affordable housing with Sandy victims being offered first crack at the units available.

Congratulations to RPM in Montclair for bringing affordable rentals to Pleasantville, New Jersey.



Happy Veteran’s Day to all Veterans who Served and who are Serving~~


I would like to dedicate this post to my Uncle Harold John Hardy affectionately known as John to his friends. He made a great life for himself and my Aunt Ryoko who pre-deceased him in 2004. Uncle Harold (as we affectionately call him) ascended on 2/21/2014. It was a privilege and a pleasure to get the opportunity to spend some time with him before he ascended.

He was an American Navy Man through and Through.

We salute You Uncle Harold John Hardy. Much Love. Your nieces Simone Hardy & Denise Hendricks~



Love Yourself Enough to be Healthy!

It is Diabetes Awareness Month and this is a good time for everyone to take a Health Check. How is your Health? As you know, at the end of the day you are responsible for your own health. If your doctor told you to cut down on sugar and salt, DO IT.

Let me share a little of my story. I don’t necessarily like doctors so I seek alternative methods. I went to a medical doctor who is also an Iridologist (One who studies the Iris of the Eye). He told me to cut down on sugar and salt. That was confirmed from my doctor who I went to for my 10-20 year check up because their diagnostic tools are very good. Bottom Line: I need to heal my pancreas so I have taken measures to NOT EAT sugar and salt and let me tell you it is NOT EASY. I love sweets. However, my determination NOT to allow my body to progress to anything near Diabetes is more important to me than eating those sweets I enjoy. I Love Myself Enough to Be Healthy!

How about You?

Check out a young lady who is the epitome of Health, Basheerah Ahmad’s book, Love Yourself Enough to be Healthy is a great place to start.


layoff-notice_~k1568614Due in February a pair of Stockton College professors will give readers “the deepest look yet” at what it is like to work in the casino industry.

The book, “Just One More Hand: Life in the Casino Economy“by professors Rowman and Littlefield may provide the most thorough qualitative analysis ever done regarding the casino work force.

The book is born of the the interview with 35 employees of the Atlantic City casino industry and it probed the question, “Are these good jobs?”

Be sure to get your copy if you’re interested.


IE168-019Rio Grande in Middle Township will be the new home for 112 working class families in this 16 acre development. It is expected to be finished by April next spring.

The developer, Gary F. Gardner Inc. has designed this project to offer more housing options for working families. There will be no Section 8 subsidies in this development.

The development to be known as Meadow Lark Run will offer one, two and three bedroom units. The one bedroom unit will be 750 square feet and start at $696 per month. The two bedroom unit will be 1,110 square feet and range from $652 to $820 per month. The three-bedroom units will have 1400 square feet and range from $741 to $935 per month. All of these units will rent from under $1000 per month making it economically feasible for working families to afford to live here. It is located close to public transportation along routes 9 and 47 and in a location in Rio Grande, Cape May’s retail hub.

Bravo to developer Gary F. Gardner for thinking about the working class families. Hopefully we’ll see more of this in Atlantic County as well.