IE168-019Rio Grande in Middle Township will be the new home for 112 working class families in this 16 acre development. It is expected to be finished by April next spring.

The developer, Gary F. Gardner Inc. has designed this project to offer more housing options for working families. There will be no Section 8 subsidies in this development.

The development to be known as Meadow Lark Run will offer one, two and three bedroom units. The one bedroom unit will be 750 square feet and start at $696 per month. The two bedroom unit will be 1,110 square feet and range from $652 to $820 per month. The three-bedroom units will have 1400 square feet and range from $741 to $935 per month. All of these units will rent from under $1000 per month making it economically feasible for working families to afford to live here. It is located close to public transportation along routes 9 and 47 and in a location in Rio Grande, Cape May’s retail hub.

Bravo to developer Gary F. Gardner for thinking about the working class families. Hopefully we’ll see more of this in Atlantic County as well.

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