ImageWell, I’ve been getting a few requests for more info on what’s happening with California Commons.

I spoke to the Pleasantville UEZ and was told that they are in the process of taking the land back from Robert Kahan and when that process is completed, they will select a new developer from the two or three that have expressed interest in completing the project.

That’s all I know for now and will keep you posted as I find out new details!



Whew! That’s a whole new experience. If you have never done an estate sale for your loved one then hold on to your hats because this was a doozy. Talk about things not going as planned.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to have anyone that I knew attend the estate sale because the person I had at the home decided to go home when we left. First rule, make sure you have someone else who can attend in your absence. It may be too emotional for you so definitely have someone else attend to watch your interest. The first thing to ask the Estate Sale professional is if they will give you a list of inventory sold and will they charge for it. The person I┬áhired┬ácharged $75 an hour if I had requested that. I didn’t know it wasn’t included. One might think that such a service would be part of the sale. But No. I was told I had a small sale and it wouldn’t have been cost effective. However, I will be supplied the cash register tape to show the prices of each item sold.

I was initially going to have her mail me back the key however some neighbors did me the favor of getting the key from her when the sale was over. TRUST is a huge issue with an Estate Sale because the person who holds the sale usually doesn’t want you there. I’m sorry but I have a problem with that. I can understand the emotional reason why someone might not be there this is why I suggest you have someone else be there to look out for your interest because you may be too emotional. This is an easy business for someone who is shady and dishonest to take advantage of their customers. I’m not suggesting that she did but I will be even more leary if I were to have to do this again so I pass that wisdom with this blog post.

Make sure they will clean up any mess they make and make sure they will get rid of any larger items that do not sell. I was promised that would not be a problem. However, after the sale I was informed that the larger pieces didn’t sell and her people didn’t want to move them. I wouldn’t recommend this Estate Sale pro (so-called) because she didn’t deliver on her promise. Someone who has been in business for as long as she has should be able to solve that problem with no problem. Hmmmm.

I was disappointed to say the least. This is why it is more difficult to do an Estate Sale when you are from out of town and don’t really know the local professionals. This whole ordeal gave me a Headache!

Lesson: ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS AND Get as many referrals from the neighbors that you can. Image


532396_448354865186534_699353946_nWell, we found someone who will do the Estate Sale. I’m very pleased but to be honest, I will be there for the pricing process and have someone stay in the home during the sale. I’m much more comfortable with that.

The staff will be here tomorrow to start the pricing process so we can see what everything will be priced and away we go…..Stay Tuned!


images (17)Finding someone who will do the Estate Sale. This is not an easy task especially if you are not from the area. If you live in the area, you can find someone that you trust. You are looking for people you have to learn to trust almost immediately because you will have to give them the key to the home so they can organize what they need to organize in order to host the sale. This is how they make their living so it has to be worth it for them to conduct the sale. The first person we asked said there was not enough in it for them to make any money so they passed and we had to start looking for someone else.

Me personally, I don’t like anyone going through my space when I am not there so if you can arrange for them do the pricing while you’re there that’s better than just giving them the key and letting them be there completely alone. Let’s be honest, Trust is earned and I don’t know about you but I don’t trust easily and just because someone says they are trustworthy does not make it so.

This person can provide a great gift or total deceit. This remains to be seen.

I will keep you posted so be sure to drop by again!