Happy New Year Atlantic County NJ – What Happened?

Well, Alot happened. The economic downturn is still downturning. 14 million Americans are still out of work. Foreclosures are still piling up. We lost some fabulous people- some famous and some not so famous – Heavy D, Vesta Williams, Steve Jobs, Joe Frazier, Nick Ashford and Rev. Fred L. Shuttlesworth. Some of the media is saying that we may be going into a double dip recession.

I was watching Deep Impact last night with Morgan Freeman and Tea Leoni. Tea Leoni plays a rookie reporter looking for her “big break” on a gushy story. Well, she thinks she’s onto something when she speaks with one of the secretary’s who was let go from a former senator and believes that the Senator played by Jim Cromwell I believe is having an affair with a woman named Elle. Well, of course, come to find out Elle is actually E.L.E. – The end of the world with a big bang from an asteroid that will cause an Extinction Level Event – the end of the world. Of course, the government has been planning for the worse case scenario so they prepare for starting over again by building an underground facility to hold 1 million people – 200,000 scientists and medical people and only 800,000 who will be chosen by the computer as long as you’re not over 50. Anyway, I remember Morgan Freeman’s character saying that “the water will recede and we will go on” which meant that many won’t make it but there will be people left to move forward and forge ahead and create a new world.

This brings us to the end of 2011. We lost some great minds of science, some great musicians and regular citizens who all brought grace, elegance, love and fabulousness to those they knew personally and professionally. If we got a chance to get a piece of what they had to offer, we’re all the better for that. As we head into 2012, it is time to renew, re-create, re-generate and move forward never forgetting those who left us before and taking what they gave us with them.

WE WILL GO ON….Foreclosures will recede, 14 million Americans will get back to work,  we’ll never forget  those we lost and if a double dip recession does hit, we will deal with as we always have and get through. We will either elect a new President or re-elect President Obama…WE WILL GO ON.

Hope is Alive….H.A.R.P. is revised. Although it is limited to Freddie Mac and Fannie backed loans it is dropping the requirement that homes being refinanced have a new appraisal done. In September 2011, new home construction in the U.S. increased 15 percent compared to August according to the Commerce Department. U.S. home sales have decreased after a surge in August but I don’t believe that the dream of homeownership is completely dead.  I believe it has changed. How buyers have to buy will probably change meaning they will need a bigger downpayment. However, this should be looked upon as good news because better preparation overall for homeownership can only be good for everyone – the home buyer, the home seller and the economy overall.

In 10 hours Eastern time it will be January 1, 2012 – A New Year with new challenges and new dreams to conquer. We can do it. I believe we can. I believe we have everything in us that we need to succeed.

If I can offer my assistance in anyway to help you get the home of your dreams, sell the home you have now and move on to other adventures, Invest or if you just have questions please allow me the opportunity to earn your trust and be of service. Please leave a comment below asking your question and we can build a great relationship.

Have a Happy and Safe New Year Everyone – Be Blissful – Be Thankful