“I want to Sell my house but I’m NOT Giving it Away”

12957047-house-in-lifebuoy-property-insurance-conceptWhat does your Seller mean when he, she or they (if a couple) makes that statement? It simply means that your sellers are going to want to introduce their home to the market at the highest price possible which could mean – Overpriced! As Realtors, we have to educate our sellers that selling their home as quickly for the highest price possible doesn’t always mean to price start Overpriced. If the home stays on the market too long at the higher price, the home may lose some value points because Buyers may think something is wrong with the home because it’s been on the market for over 30-60-90 days.

Think about it. Homes that sell the quickest for the most money are the homes that are priced right when they enter the market place.

Sellers do yourself a favor and work with your Realtor to price the home right the first time so it won’t be on the market longer than necessary and Sellers can get their home sold and on to their next Life Adventure.

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Condo Buyers Beware of HOA fees and Something Else!

If you’re purchasing a condominium, it is always good to check on the HOA fees associated with the purchase to make sure there are no surprises. Your Realtor should have this information for you as soon as possible. However, there is another fee that is surprising condominium purchasers – One Time fees to be used on Specific Projects –

Ouch! Where did that come from? It is called Special Assessments.

Special Assessments may be imposed because of an emergency repair that was not budgeted for such as if the city needs to replace sewer lines or new streets, this will have to be passed on to the condominium owners and you will be told about the increase in a meeting or letter from your association.

So if you’re buying a condominium, make sure your Realtor does some research into the condo’s history, budget and any scheduled repairs and find out if they have an emergency fund and how big it is BEFORE YOU PURCHASE!

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First Time Homebuyers v. Investors

According to RisMedia, the competition for homes in this market is between first time homebuyers using FHA financing and Investors paying all cash for homes hitting median prices of $225 to $245k.

These buyers seem to be using the internet to search for homes.



Atlantic County NJ Home buyers Do You Believe This Myth?

That you don’t need a home inspection because you are buying a new home or you decide to do what most home buyers have done and pass on  a home inspection altogether. BAD IDEA. Always get a home inspection because it will put you as the home buyer in the best position to negotiate and deal from the position of an educated consumer. Remember an educated consumer is always the best customer. Having your potential home inspected will educate you about the property in order to know what is wrong with the property as well as what is right with the property and help you decide whether or not you want it or how to bargain to get exactly what it is that you do want. Get a home inspection. It is in your best interest.

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June is National Homeownership Month

The National Association of Home Builders has chosen this wonderful month of June to celebrate Homeownership Month.  You may be thinking with the current economic situation in this country that “so what; who cares” about owning a home right now I’ll just rent until things get better. That is a good idea and there is certainly nothing wrong with that strategy but I say now is the best time to prepare for when things do turn around and they will. I used the same strategy to decide that now is the time for me to become a real estate agent instead of just keep looking for a job. I felt that this would be the best time for me to come into this industry and learn while the market is moving at a slower pace and while learning position myself and then when the market shifts and the pace quickens and people start buying again because everyone is doing much better financially then I am already there to serve as many people as I can.

Be sure and check out nahb.org. They have a lot of consumer info and they have created a quarterly newsletter specifically for consumers and you can subscribe for free. Although the nahb.org is an organization for builders of property, their site has a lot to offer the consumer. Check it especially during the month of June – you might learn something you can use later. And don’t forget since this weekend June 4 and 5 are National Open House Weekend go see some houses and let’s get America back on track to Homeownership.