imagesCAU0UOCMWell, for one The Miss America Pageant is coming back to Atlantic City, NJ after nine years with a new addition. On September 14, 2013 a parade will be added to the festivities. The parade will be televised on WPVI TV out of Philadelphia. Floats have gone up in price -$2000– from $200 — in 2004 and local businesses are not too happy about it but the show must go on!

I always thought the decision for the pageant to leave Atlantic City was a knee-jerk reaction and I’m glad to have it return. I believe it will be a welcome return to the tourist here who like to see the pageant contestants up close when and where they get the chance.

There’s also Bingo Rock ‘n Roll Bingo Tonight at 8:00 p.m. for a $10 donation.


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