Atlantic County NJ Renters who Upgrade to Homeowners Keep A Home Warranty in Place

If you are a new homeowner who has been a renter for a long period of time, keeping  a home warranty in place after it expires could be the best thing you can do for yourself.  When you rent, you don’t have to worry about the furnaces and roof leaks or even blow ups. However, when you are a homeowner, it all falls on you and if you don’t have protection for yourself set up before these events occur, you will feel it in your pocket. And if you’re a brand new homeowner who has never experienced this before it can be very overwhelming. You can’t go wrong with a home warranty. After you read this, get in touch with your agent who can help you make sure you are covered.

(Excerpt of Tara Nelson’s Blog on Trulia)

Put – and keep – a home warranty in placeOne of the most frightening things about going from renter to homeowner is the prospect of being solely responsible for the care and feeding of your home and all its systems and appliances. Responsibility for both the costs and the actual logistics of repairing things like a leaky roof, a broken hot water heater or a haywire electrical fixture looms large in the minds of first-time buyers, in particular

A home warranty plan kicks in when escrow closes, and depending on the coverage you select, will cover your home against the breakdown of major systems and even some appliances, like furnaces and water heaters. 

(Excerpt of Tara Nelson’s Blog on Trulia)

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