Atlantic County NJ Got Bedbugs?

Well, they’re back. Bedbugs that is. They were all but eradicated by using the dangerous pesticide DDT which has been blamed for numerous birth defects and then banned. International travel is being blamed for the return of the bedbug but now that they are back what are we going to do about them?

It is now a local problem because anyone anywhere can bring them into your home or business and just the reverse –you can bring them in unexpectedly without ever knowing it. This is a problem. Governments are clarifying liability for bedbug infestations and sellers may have to disclose how long it’s been since an infestation and how they remedied the situation.

For now, it seems we are at the mercy of this bug until we figure out our next move  because it doesn’t matter where you are — movie theater, supermarket, friend’s house — you can bring them with you or leave with them. No one is immune. And Garage sales can be a problem too so beware.

Is there a friendlier, less toxic strain of DDT that we can use to really obliterate these bugs from the planet?

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