How are Your Finances?

images (9)It’s February 11, 2016 and did you make a New Year Resolution to finally resolve your finances? to finally get your money right? Well, you’re in the right place.


There are two money challenges that you can participate in both 100 percent FREE!

These two dynamic women, Patrice C. Washington – the Money Maven – and Tiffany the BudgetNista Aliche, are offering FREE get your money right options for you to participate in. I suggest you do them both in order to really hit the ground running since it’s not even March yet!

Patrice’s program,, challenges you to Increase the amount of money you have coming into your life. Why? Simple. One job is not enough in 2016 and going forward to take care of yourself and your family. For those of you who read the Bible, there is a verse that says, “Neither borrower nor lender be”. Have you ever wondered why that verse is there?  Well, I say it’s because there really should not be the level of poverty that currently exists with individuals struggling to make ends meet, etc.

God has given all of us gifts, talents and abilities to create wealth and prosperity so there is no need to have to lend or borrow money when you are flowing in abundance. Go over the to site and sign up and get started earning more. I know you want to.

lrcNext we have Tiffany the BudgetNista Aliche – America’s Favorite Financial Educator – who is offering her second FREE forum – The Live Richer Challenge – Savings Edition. This forum is filled with over 6,000 Dream Catchers from all over the world who want to do the same thing – Live Richer! by learning the tips and strategies to Save More of their hard earned money. It’s an exciting forum that both women are offering for the betterment of whoever wants to join. So pick one or do both. Either way you won’t be sorry.

To Your Health & Wealth!

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