Happy New Year 2016!

What is the plan for you and your family in this new year? Moving to your new Home or New Apartment? Get out of Debt? Find Your Dream Job? Get Healthy?

Whatever your goals are, you need a plan. If your plan is to WING It and see what happens along the way well I guess that’s better than no plan at all however, be aware that there is a better way.

2016photo courtesy of Google

P.L.A.N. Plan. It doesn’t take long to put a plan together and it doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan like Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise jumping off of a building and making it look like he never left the ground. All planning requires is to think ahead to the next step. Ask the question, “what if”? What if this happens or that happens, what will I do? What will be my next move? How will I get this done if I don’t have that or if this person is no longer available to help me or if the resource I was depending on is no  longer available?building photo courtesy of Google.com

We all have a tendency of becoming comfortable and complacent in our present lives. If there is nothing going on to upset the apple cart then all is well and we’ll go on in our daily activities – work, school, home- just fine. However, this comfort and complacency can set us up for a false sense of security thinking all is well and all will stay well. Then BOOM! Upset the apple cart and we’re scrambling because we didn’t take that moment to ask that what if question.

For example, I’m assisting a friend of mine on the computer because he is not comfortable. However, since I’m practicing what I preach and thinking ahead I mentioned to him the what if question. I told him what if something happens and I am unable to assist because I am out of town or something you will need to be prepared to do it yourself because even though I may not be there you will still need to address your need. He hadn’t thought ahead because he was comfortable and complacent with the resource that is assisting him – ME- and he hadn’t asked the what if question.

There is a saying that if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

It is already January 3, 2016 and as we move forward think ahead and don’t let comfort and complacency give you a false sense of security. Remember our most secure group are prisoners.

Here’s to your well planned thought out asking questions 2016!

images (9)photo courtesy of Dreamerstime via Google

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