3 Easy Ways to Save For Your Downpayment

Whether you’re a first time home buyer or starting all over again, saving for your downpayment is not going to be easy however it is worth the sacrifice. Having something like your own home is definitely worth the work and sacrifice. If you’re doing it together as a family then everyone can participate. Have a family meeting about it even with the little ones two and three years old. They will understand and you can make it a game for them. The older children can have a family discussion with you and explain that this is the family goal and you all are going to do it together. The parents cannot be the only ones making the sacrifice because then the parents will be the only ones who will appreciate it. No. Allow everyone to take part in the sacrifice so they can really see and appreciate the value of it all.
First of all, everyone must understand that sacrifice is necessary. Here are 3 ways to achieve the goal:

If you eat out at Applebees once or twice a month, that has to go. If you go to the movies once or twice a month, say bye bye to the movies and hello to the library where the DVDs are free just be sure to return them the next day unless you get a two-day rental. If mom and dad treat themselves to a date night, sacrifice the date night for six months to a year to allow all of those sacrifices to accumulate into a downpayment account and after 12 months see how much you have saved in the account. It will be worth it.

Those three sacrifices will be more than worth it when you are  able to add $1500 or more (whatever your number) to yourphotodune-2650550-money-transfer-s down payment.

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