vacantAs of January 2015 the City of Pleasantville, NJ has instituted a new Ordinance, City of Pleasantville Abandoned Residential Property Ordinance (#22-2014) and the Abandoned Property Rehabilitation Act (P.L. 2003, o. 210), the City is requiring the mandatory registration of all vacant properties in the municipality,

As stated in the Ordinance:

An Annual registration fee shall accompany the registration form. The fee and registration shall be valid for the calendar year or remaining portion of the calendar year in which the registration was initially required. Subsequent registrations and fees are due January 1st of each year and must be received no later than March 31st of the year due. In the event that such payments are not made by March 31st of the year due, a late fee in the amount of $50 will be charged in addition to any other fees due.

     The fee for registering an Abandoned Residential Property shall be $500.

All questions or additional information can be directed to Kevin Cain at 609-484-3614.

This new ordinance may prove to be a financial burden however time will tell.



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