CHANGE is Happening in Atlantic City!

I have been working on contracts and getting frustrated etc. as is sometimes the case in the Real Estate Arena. Deals come and deal go but life goes on.

Moving on, a few things happening in Atlantic City. The Federal Home Loan Bank of New York announced grants for affordable housing projects. Atlantic City and Vineland was included to the amounts of $847,000 for Atlantic City and $263,500 for Vineland.

Med2There are a few projects going in Atlantic City. On South Carolina and Mediterranean, they are even working on Sunday to get the project completed. I don’t know their exact timeline but I am seeing progress. I envy those residents as they will be directly across the street from Ginsburg Bakery with the yummy smells of cinnamon-raisin floating around every a.m. Lovely smells to awaken to every morning.

The grant to the Atlantic City Housing Authority & Urban Redevelopment Agency will assist in financing its latest HOPE VI project, which will be a 90-unit apartment comprised of 18 buildings in the back Maryland section of the city. These units will be a mix of market rate and subsidized housing.

As I look around for more changes, I found this project of which I do not know any of the particulars so I took a picture:

20150201_083703_resizedThis is across the street from the Resorts sign on Absecon Boulevard and across the street from the High Gate condominiums in Atlantic City.

Big Changes are in store for Atlantic City and this can only mean that the City is preparing for an influx of new residents to move into the area. This should be a good thing as change is always good. It looks like with the mixed residential projects on the horizon, the residents who live here should benefit as well with new housing for all income levels.

Momma always said, “Time will tell”.


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