Christmas Time Is Here!

Well here we are at the end of December and another year has passed. It has been a helluva 2014 for all of us. The World is in turmoil. There is so much negative energy in America especially right now. With law enforcement gunning down innocent men, women and children in the black community. I realize other communities have suffered, however, the black community has lost many more than most and that is in no way to diminish other lives lost just to emphasize that the loss is greater in number in the black community. Don’t forget the 27-year old young woman who chose to move to another state because she could legally take her own life because of her illness. The 12-year-old who lived in south jersey who took her life here recently because she was being bullied.

We’ve had some great times too! Birthdays of the little 2 and 3 year olds this year. New grandmothers and grandfathers seeing their new grandbabies for the first time, new promotions on the job, a Christmas bonus was received by someone! People are going shopping for Christmas buying gifts for loved ones. The Shoprites and Acmes are full with people going food shopping to prepare food for their loved ones. Maybe everyone is not decorating their homes for Christmas like they used to but that is understandable with the utility bills. The price of gas is going down so we can fill up our cars cheaper than we have been able to over the last 12 months. I just shared on my Facebook page the picture of the young black teenager, Kevin Stonewall, who is leading the way to a discovery to a cure to colon cancer. All of these events leads me to ask the question, “What kind of a world are these new lives coming into?” “What kind of world have we allowed to be created for them to live in?” Is Kevin Stonewall going to be a victim or a victorious Healer?

This Christmas I would like to suggest a reflection of the World we live in and what we can do as citizens of the World to make it a Better place for us all. This will begin with dialogue. Not emotional screaming but real dialogue. Dr. Phil made famous the statement “We can’t change what we don’t Acknowledge.”

And if we don’t acknowledge the current state of the World, warts and all, we will never be able to change and make it a greater future for the Kevin Stonewalls and the newborns of the world. This is our Responsibility. Let’s Make It Happen!

I would like to thank all the Readers and bloggers and interested folk who stopped by my blog this year and thank you for your support, encouragement, criticism, etc. It all helps me to grow and become my highest best self.


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