Showing Homes Can Be Dangerous

As a Realtor and a female my job of showing homes can be dangerous and unfortunately this  was proven by the murder of a Real Estate Agent in Arkansas. She was simply doing her job of showing a home to a 486422206_royalty_free_no_clipart_illustration_68703_answer_1_xlargestranger who I’m sure she felt she had no reason to fear and went alone to the home showing. She did let her husband know where she was going so when she didn’t come home, he knew where to look for her. However, when he arrived at the home she was showing, she wasn’t there.

Unfortunately, they found her body this morning not too far from the home she was showing.

This can be a dangerous business for anyone showing homes alone however, as women we have to be mindful of the world we live in and ALWAYS think a few steps ahead and not go to a showing alone. I do not go to a home showing alone especially if it is a man (no offense fellas) and I don’t know him. Also, if you happen to be showing a home alone DO NOT WALK IN FRONT of the individual. Walk behind them. This way you have some leverage if something does happen. There is something all of us female Realtors and Real Estate Agents can do to protect ourselves,

My condolences to the family of Beverly Carter and to my female Realtors and Real Estate Agents let’s not show homes alone. Our Safety is what is most important. Let’s Be Careful Out There.imagesCAZ4UOL1

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