Atlantic City Residents Protest Tax Hike!

taxIt was probably inevitable and shouldn’t come as a surprise that Atlantic City Residents took to protest and have come together under the name of The Atlantic City Tax Appealers. This group formed about three months ago and is making their voice heard as the group met Wednesday at City Council Chambers made possible by Councilman Rizwan Malik.

The leader of the group, Emily Vu is chairwoman of this grass roots effort. The group is said to represent various minorities and a representative of the NAACP was present at the meeting.

Mayor Don Guardian answered questions and the Atlantic City Tax Appealers are demanding that 1) the State give the additional $20 million in aid to the City and 2) cut the budget by the 29% it is raising taxes to pay for.

Members of the group plan to protest at the upcoming Summit on September 8, 2014. Governor Chris Christie is expected to be in attendance. It should be interesting.







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