What’s Going on In Atlantic County, New Jersey?

images (25)4561615964034603581Well, lots of stuff.

WOHOO!! New Changes are coming from FICO that should raise just about everyone’s score. Any accounts listed as “resolved” with collectors will not be included and unpaid medical bills will have less weight. What a relief that should be because medical bills which are unforeseen and unexpected occurrences shouldn’t be held against you. Sometimes we can prepare for them but most of the time we are blindsided by them emotionally and financially.

The New Jersey Budget for Fiscal Year 2015- Any Real Estate Changes?

Is the New Jersey Realty Transfer Fee Safe? Yes it is for another year. No increase which is great news!

Are you Building a new home? Is your home “Sprinkled”?
IF you haven’t seen them yet, you will shortly. Homes built with fire sprinklers are almost like having a fire fighter on-duty 24/7. Since home fires start and spread quickly, having a built-in sprinkler system to act quickly and reduce loss of life especially for children and elders is Priceless. Ask your Realtor for more Information.

Atlantic City Homeowners are facing a 47% property tax Increase. Ouch.

With possibly four casinos closing, can homeowners in Atlantic City bear the weight of increased property taxes? The Mayor will be seeking $20 million in transitional aid to help reduce the tax hike however he makes no guarantees that any of that aid will come through.

Are you Buying a home or Selling a home? You could Benefit from a home warranty. Ask me HOW!


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