ImageWell, the Estate Sale is Over and I’m glad. I learned a lot from that experience that I shared in the blog post before last https://atlanticcountyhomes.wordpress.com/2014/04/22/have-you-been-named-executor-of-your-loved-ones-estate-part-7/, so check it out if you missed it.

Now that the Estate Sale is over we come to selling the house. What to do! What to do! Should we sell it to an Investor as is? Fix it up and sell it ourselves? Me and my relative was bumping heads over this for a few months going back and forth. BIG MISTAKE.

Do not let this sudden windfall of property which will lead to money come between you and your family member because remember you still have to be sisters, brothers, cousins, etc. when this is all over and you don’t want this situation to potentially destroy your relationship. It happens all the time. When a death occurs in a family, it can have a strange effect on family members and the way they interact with one another. Don’t get caught up in this unhealthy emotional roller coaster. STOP. THINK. SAY YOU LOVE EACH OTHER and you’re not going to allow this to come between you. That’s what me and my relative did and it helped tremendously. It calmed us both down and made us keep our head for the better remembering what was most important–Handling the Estate properly so we can get it closed and move on with our lives.

REMEMBER WHAT’S IMPORTANT! Accomplishing the task of closing Estate your Loved One called upon you to do. Get it Done with LOVE!


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