What Happened at the Bay Breeze Meeting?

IMG196Well, you should have been there!

It went great. Not many showed up but those who came were serious about finding out the information available from Dan Holmes the Builder of Bay Breeze in Pleasantville,Header_complete NJ. Great questions were asked and answered. We had light refreshments and they were all gone by the time we left.

Since that many people didn’t show up, we did end early also because Dan came a long distance and Jim (mortgage expert) wanted to get home to catch the game. We did say we may do it again so keep checking in with the blog and I’ll keep you posted.

And you missed the kisses I bought for those who came. LOL :).

2 thoughts on “What Happened at the Bay Breeze Meeting?

    • Hi Kim, The buyers who came to the Bay Breeze meeting told me that the price
      was too high for them so I passed that info on to the builder and I don’t know
      what his next move will be. Checking on any new construction I can find out about
      and will post if I have any news. Thanks for stopping by.

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