What’s In Store for 2014 Homebuyers & Sellers?

The market is coming back and some even say the market IS back. However, if you’re a buyer or seller in this market what should you be thinking and/or doing?

Sellers: Look Ahead in the Process; Get prepared and be ready to get to work and get that inspection BEFORE the buyer comes so that you know what is really going on with your home. Be sure to work with your Realtor who may have some ideas that you may not think of. Two heads are always better than one.

Sellers: Think trends: Should you carpet the floors? Probably not since surveys show for the last few years that Buyers prefer hardwood floors and faux wood laminate floors.

Buyers: Be Credit Ready; If you are declaring that 2014 is your 4561615964034584036year to buy, then Get your credit ready. Do yourself a favor and get your free annual credit report from all three credit bureaus – Experian(800-493-1058), Equifax(800-685-1111) and TransUnion (877-322-8228). For a complete picture of your credit score, you should also get all three credit scores. It will be worth it to have a COMPLETE picture.

Buyers: ASK. Buyer beware of the community you are moving into. Be aware that Sellers are not always required to disclose if there was crime in the home, or neighborhood, sex offenders around the corner, loud neighbors, planes flying overhead or if a murder occurred in the home. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions because AFTER you move in, it’s too late.k9238090

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