images (46)Well at least for one year. I just spoke to the UEZ office and unfortunately the project has been pushed back for at least One Year because of complications involving Mr Kahan and other parties.

The office of UEZ is sorry to report the delay of the California Commons project. I don’t have all of the details however, it will be at least one year at this point until they even break ground.

Well, since we must move on, and this has caused many a headache. The pain is over and there is another project on the horizon. I am expecting a call from a gentlemen today and will have more information so check back soon.

10 thoughts on “UPDATE: CALIFORNIA COMMONS IS NO MORE! The Headache is OVER~~

  1. Hi Simone,
    Thank you for continuing to keep us updated on the status of this project. My wife and I were pre-approved for a home in the spring and I have to say this entire ordeal has been quite frustrating. Robert Kahan has not made any attempt to keep us informed and I still cannot believe that he closed his office without one word to the prospective home buyers. At this point, I am considering our contract null and void. Please keep us informed of any new developments in the area. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

    • Hi Mr. Parrish, You’re welcome. It has been my pleasure. Yes there is a new development coming. At this point the new development is called Bay Breeze. There will be six single residences and 14 twin style residences. Since I sent the paperwork to your wife and you were approved, I have given your contact info to the office handling this project so they should be contacting you shortly. Thank you again and you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well :).

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