4561615964034603581Don’t Do It! In a Word “SCAM”. It is a SCAM if you are asked to send money to any individual or organization in order to receive money. This money that you are asked to send may be described as a “fee” for the processing of the application. This “fee” will go into the pocket of the individual or corporation who is making the call. Also, be aware that most of the time these companies will have the name “Federal” in their name. This is designed to give you a false sense of security to trust the company or individual to lull you into thinking that you are speaking with a company or individual that is affiliated with the Government. The Government will not ask you to send money to them in order to receive money. That is, in most cases, against the law. The problem however is this law is not enforced until a large number of people have been victimized and file enough complaints that will get the attention of the Attorney General of the State where the money is being received.

If you have a low credit score and are in the market for mortgage to buy a home, car or some other large investment, DO NOT send any organization or individual any money because they make you think that is the only way to solve the problem because of your low credit score. If you feel that this is a legitimate program, then do your due diligence. Google the name of the company, website and phone number to see what comes up. Use the word “complaints” or “scam” in your text and see what comes up. You can also research the company on the site. Also, ask your friends or family.


If you want to improve your credit score and are not sure how to get started, respond to this post and I will send you a FREE REPORT, “KNOW YOUR NUMBERS KIT” to get you on the path to a better credit score.

Remember, never pay money to get money!

4 thoughts on “DON’T PAY MONEY TO GET MONEY!

    • Sure. What exactly would you like to know? My friend’s daughter sent $195 to this company because they told her that her credit score was low and it would cost an initial $195 to get started. They then told her that she would need to send an additional $400 then she asked her mom about it and we both told her not to send another dime. I Googled a few sites and found it was a fraud.

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