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I say YES IT DOES. Why? Because you cannot do anything if you don’t feel good. Buying or selling a home is a process. I remember taking my client to look at houses. This particular client (every  client is different) was very pro-active. We started out looking for bigger homes and he ended up with a smaller home. This created a very exhaustive search criteria. I have learned very much from that experience and will do a better job next time with my client. But that also lead me to the conclusion that you have to be HEALTHY when you take on the job of buying a home. Like I said above, it is a process and it can be very exhausting because it is emotional and anything that is emotional will drain you physically. If you are not relatively healthy, you will feel it.

How to avoid the physical energy drainage of home search? Take a minute to sit down as the buyer and think about what you really want. Sit yourself down in your favorite chair in your favorite room and take your time. There is no rush. Do your best to put your emotional feeling aside. If you already received a pre-approval from the mortgage company look at your numbers and know what you are able to financially pursue. Work with your Realtor. Your Realtor should be your friend, your ally in this process. You two or three or four are in this together. Keep your lines of communication open and be honest and take a time out if needed. But most of all HAVE FUN. My client and I had a ball looking at some crazy houses that we thought would be just perfect but when we actually got the opportunity to look inside — Oh boy— another story. It was great experience for both of us and now he is in his dream home and we are both pleased.

Your health plays an important role in all aspects of your life and buying or selling a home is no different. You need your strength and wits about you so get some extra rest if you have to and take some vitamin C to keep your immune system strong.

YOUR Health IS your WEALTH!

DISCLAIMER: Not prescribing any medication; just a suggestion based on personal experience.

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