American Made

762-royalty-free-content.jpgWe come upon another fourth of July tomorrow in 2013. America has been through a lot in the past few years. We’ve elected what is recorded as our first Black President, the housing debacle that turned most homeowners upside down and created more foreclosures than ever before and we’re still in recovery as I write these words.

The title of this post “AMERICAN MADE” meant something about 25-30 years ago maybe even longer. American Made meant made in America. America was a producing country. We produced a lot more than we produce now. America has become a nation of CONSUMERS – We consume everything and produce hardly anything compared to our past.

Our best paying jobs have been outsourced, there are no new jobs being created by Government. I truly believe Entrepreneurs will fill this gap going into the future like never before. I believe more Individuals will become Entrepreneurs and join with other Entrepreneurs who will merge together like corporations have been doing since they were created. Corporations do this because they know there is strength in numbers.It is time for us Individual Americans to stop worrying about just themselves and start seeing the bigger picture. Corporations understand — when will Individual Americans get it? United we Stand-Divided we have fallen.

Let’s make American made mean something again in this country or let’s create a new meaning for it. I promise you if we don’t, we individuals are going to suffer because corporations get it.

Happy Fourth of July America.

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