Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

Are You Ready To Sell Your Home?

Whew! That can bring a lot of emotional feelings to the forefront. Sell? Your Home? The place you’ve built memories, raised children, had a lovely marriage? OR you could have experienced some awful experiences because as we all know not everything is coming up roses. But in any case you’re ready to sell. What’s next?

There are a lot of questions, feelings and emotions that go into such a decision. Do you want to sell it yourself and save that pesky commission? It’s ok. You can because you don’t have to have a Realtor to sell your home. You can sell it yourself. Just keep in mind there is a lot involved in selling your home yourself. You have to keep the house presentable at all times for when you will show your home. Make sure you know who is coming into your home because people don’t always have the best intentions. Do you have small children or an elder living with you? Can you make arrangements for the children and your elder on a dime in order to be ready for the house to show? Where are you going to hide your valuables while you’re showing the home. Are you going to walk through the home with each family that wants to see it? Ugh! That is a lot of work to do to prepare to sell your home. Not to mention getting the house in “ready to sell” shape. Did you have an inspection to have another set of professional eyes point out the flaws you will miss or don’t think are flaws at all? Are you prepared to put money into the house to sell it and may not make a profit on the money you put in? How reasonable will you be when someone puts in a low-ball offer? How will you handle yourself when someone criticizes your home?

Keep in mind this is all in addition to preparing to go to your next home. You’re not selling the home and staying there—you’re moving on to newer and better things but you want to do all of this “stuff” right.

My mother always told me, “Just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should”. Now that is not a knock at anyone who is determined to sell their own home. There are those determined individuals who will do it no matter what AND they WILL get it done. Bravo. Good for them. If you truly want to you can but sometimes a little help can and does go a long way. Think about it.

If you still want to sell your own home there are plenty of books to help you do so.

If you would like a little help….Let me Know.

A little help never hurt anyone.

To Your Peace of Mind

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