FSBO’s, Are you Aware of What Buyers Hate Most?

For Sale By Owners (FSBO’s), are the homeowners who want to Do It themselves and sell their own home. I have nothing but respect for these homeowners because it is what they  chosen to do d it is certainly their right. Since I am here to help, I thought I would spill the beans on a few tips  might help you FSBO’s  prepare your home better for a successful experience.

Homeowners you have to keep in mind buyers n this market are looking for a reasonably priced home and are not willing to pay a sky high price even if they like the home. You may have to put  your emotional and sentimental feelings aside and look at the your lovely home from the buyer’s perspective because they don’t feel the the same way as you do.

Let your nose lead the way. Weird smells will drive buyers away quickly so make sure you  give your home a good, honest sniff and make sure your home doesn’t have any weird smells.

No bugs please. Nobody likes bugs even when we  live in the home but you want t to make a great first impression because you are only going to get  one chance.

Speaking of that first impression, your front yard is the first thing your buyers are going to see  soon  they pull up to the home, so if the yard is messy, you will want to do some maintenance to make it presentable especially if the home is not being lived in. You may want to make it visually appealing to your buyers.

By paying attention to these four items on your list, FSBO sellers may see great success with selling their own home.








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