Atlantic County NJ – Don’t Forget about Those Less Fortunate

I recently assisted at the Triple Play Realtor Convention & Trade Expo in Atlantic City. I assisted the last day, Thursday, December 8. There was a table for Atlantic City Rescue Mission where you could bring whatever foods or personal items that those at the mission could use to make their lives a little easier.  The table wasn’t that full when I left but maybe more was added after I did leave. This makes me think that we all hustle and bustle to get through our day and worry about paying our bills, etc. etc. etc. but there is someone – usually a whole family that is less fortunate and could use your help. I did put my little bag together of some personal items and foods and brought it with me to add to what was already there. I don’t believe in asking anyone to do something that I am not willing to do myself and neither should you.

I’m thinking going into 2012 wouldn’t it be nice to at least attempt to help the resuce mission every month and make it habit as much as you can. Even if you do six months that will be more than you may have done in the past. Of course, if you are already giving your time and money and have made this a part of your legacy and who you are then I’m not talking to you. I’m just catching up.

I believe it is a good idea as we come to the close of 2011 and move forward into 2012 that we all take a moment to think of others and not only ourselves. My mother used to always say to me, “I cried because I had no shoes until I saw the man who had no feet”.

Remember, there is always someone doing worse than you or better than you so be grateful for what you have or don’t have and don’t forget others as we move forward to 2012 and remember to try to make someone else’s day special. We can all start to do that with a simple smile. I believe Kirk Franklin’s got me covered on that one with “I Smile”.

If you live in one of the 21 counties of Atlantic County, check with a food pantry or shelter near you to see how you can help.

If you live in Atlantic City and want to help you know they are near the Convention Center or call 609-345-5517 or check the website The website has a updated monthly list of items that the rescue mission can use to help those in need.

Everyone Have a Happy New Year and Be Safe Be Loved !

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