Atlantic County NJ Do You Know About Surety Bonds?

I have gotten a few phone calls from clients asking about surety bonds because of the death of a loved one. Most people don’t know what a surety bond is or why they need one so here it goes.  A surety bond is like insurance for an estate and the beneficiaries involved. Unfortunately, a lot of our loved ones die without having left a will, also known as dying intestate and when this happens in NJ you may need a surety bond. 

Another challenge with surety bonds is they require excellent credit and many people seem to have a problem being able to secure one. This creates a lot of tension and frustration because usually you don’t find out about this until you are in the midst of making arrangements for a loved one who has passed and this is the last thing you want or need to have to deal with.

The link below contains a great blog post about surety bonds. Check it out,

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