Atlantic County NJ Home Owners How Is Your Energy Bill?

I was talking to my sister today and she was telling me that her electric bill was $450 a month and that’s with budget billing. Huh? That’s too much money for one month in a home where there are only 2 or 3 people and two left. What I also found interesting was that her girlfriend who lives around the corner down the road has a little smaller home but also has a pool and her electric bill is significantly lower by hundreds. How’s that?

I suggested that she get an audit. She said the electric company came out and she was told with all of her appliances that’s why her bill is high. Her home is in Pennsylvania. I say phooey. She has no more utilities than anyone else – washer, dryer, stove, frig, tv, computer – everyone has that.  I suggests that she get a professional audit from an outside company that is reputable. If you are having the same problem or know someone who can benefit, share this link with them and get your electric bills lowered to a reasonable rate.

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