Is Sustainable Homeownership going to be the Future for Atlantic County, NJ and the rest of America?

Well, what is sustainable housing? Seems to be just the basics…maybe? With no mud rooms, dining rooms or extra rooms period, are we getting away from luxury to affordability just to own a home? Honestly, I like luxury when and where it fits. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having luxury as long as you can afford and sustain it. There are many middle class, upper middle class and wealthy homeowners who are not having the difficulty everyone else seems to be having right now – why? I believe it is because they purchased their home correctly from the door. They may or not live within their means, meaning they don’t necessarily overspend but if they do they are still covered because they have controlled their expenses. I believe that word “control” plays a very important part. I believe these individuals no matter what socioeconomic level they are in have some form of financial literacy that they practice on a daily basis and take the time to “handle their fiscal business” to stay one step ahead. This may be something we might all want to do moving forward. Financial literacy makes sense. We should all learn about it, apply it in our lives and prosper. What do you think?

Where to start?


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