Atlantic City, NJ is Part of Atlantic County too!

I live in Atlantic City, NJ. To be honest, I’m not from Atlantic City, NJ — I came here by way of Jersey City by way of Brooklyn, NY (but that’s another post). I used to come to Atlantic City, NJ with  my mom and family when I was a little girl and I was so excited to walk on the Boardwalk and especially eat Cotton Candy; as much as I could get my hands on. It was great. I honestly don’t remember getting in the water too much but I might have.

Now fast forward 2011 and I’m a resident for the past eleven years and now I hold the position as a local resident in this small town that packs a big punch.  Isn’t it funny where we end up sometimes? Well, here I am. Atlantic City, NJ is to me the same as any other city – you have your good and your bad with the crime and also what the gambling brings with it but I won’t preach. Everyone who comes here knows what goes on. That said, Atlantic City, NJ has a lot of history.

In fact, Atlantic City, NJ has so much history that HBO bought to the public, Boardwalk Empire.  It depicts the seedier side of Atlantic City during the prohibition period.

There was also another side of Atlantic City, NJ — that included the people of color — African Americans in Atlantic City, NJ who have generational history in Atlantic City, NJ.  It is said there were two Atlantic Cities. The book the Northside tells the history of people of color who have a long history in Atlantic City, NJ–

Atlantic City, NJ in Atlantic County, NJ has a rich history.  Check it out and then come and play, work or live. Either way, you won’t be bored.



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