Should Sellers Request That Buyers Be Pre-Qualified?

It would help but is that a request that sellers want to make? Well, let’s take a look. Real Estate Agents who are working with buyers should want to know what a buyer is qualified to buy. Why? Because then the agent will know what types of houses and in what price ranges to show those homes. What good would it be for an agent to run home buyers from home to home looking at different properties and then when the buyer finds the home that they want the next question is well, are you pre-approved for a home at this price? Huh? Well, I don’t know what is that. Well, the agent will have dropped the ball on this one. It is always best to bring your buyers in for a consultation for two reasons: 1) to have a meeting with your buyer to find out what their wants and needs are in looking for the home of their choice. 2) to find out what they are qualified to buy — what is their number? What amount are they pre-approved for? To answer the question:  When you know this number along with the wants and needs of your client, you can serve you both better and find them the home they can afford and do it much quicker. Be prepared. You won’t be sorry.

Enjoy Your Fourth of July!

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