Now That You Know How to Read Your Credit Report,You’re In the Best Market for Home Shopping

Ok. Now you’re all set. You’ve taken control and gotten your free copies of your credit report and score and now you’re ready to buy your first home or vacation home. And remember the definition of a first time homebuyer is anyone who hasn’t lived in a home for three years so if you had a home and walked away or gave it up and rented three or more years ago and you’re ready to buy again in this “buyer’s market” and you live in Atlantic County, NJ and you may be looking in the Egg Harbor Township area there is Good News. Builders have lowered their prices on new units by at least $20,000. For example, in the 200 unit complex in Ocean Heights, Equestrian Estates – a three bedroom, one and a half bathroom, one-car garage home is $179,900.  Other developers have chosen to auction their remaining homes such as Foxmoor Homes in Egg Harbor Township; they recently held an auction to sell their 8 remaining units. (1)

So now that you know what your credit report is and how to use it properly, you’re ready to buy that new home and get it for a great price.

But read the next post to learn what the next important piece of information you need to know. You won’t want to miss it!

(1) Builders lure buyers with lower prices – The Press of Atlantic City,  June 12, 2011 – Real Estate Section -D7- Joel Landau, Staff Writer

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