Atlantic County, NJ Buyers Do You Know How To Read Your Credit Report?

Now that you have your credit report do you know how to read it or is it even really important to know how to decipher your credit report? Well, in a word, “Yes” you should have some level of familiarity while looking at your credit report. Don’t just sit there looking at it like it’s a foreign language because it’s not. Now it can be a little daunting but that comes with inexperience and just like anything else, the more familiar you become with a thing, the less intimidating it is.  After you’ve ordered your credit reports and they arrive, congratulate yourself for taking control and jumping in front of this task. Now that you’re proud of yourself go to a quiet room in the house, close the door and open up your reports. Don’t be afraid. It’s about you. Your “report card” if you will. Your financial story. Your numbers and you should know your numbers like any other CEO should know the numbers of their corporation.

One of the most important tasks to do even if you don’t fully understand everything is to make sure what information that is on your report is correct: Name, Address, Social security no (identity theft), etc. Even if your name is spelled wrong — correct it and have the agency change it. All of these pieces of information is about you and your life and you need to look at it no matter how unpleasant and take control. Taking control of your credit report is probably one of the biggest and best things you can do for yourself to get back on track. I would recommend Kevin Trudeau’s book, “Debt Cures – They Don’t Want you to Know About”. It is a simple, easy read and will give you some great, simple, empowering strategies to take back your credit life and win.

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