Atlantic County, NJ Buyers – Do You Know Where To Get Your Credit Report?

To start the process you need to call or write all reporting agencies.  There are a lot of sites that have the three combined but most of them want you to join the service for a monthly fee in order to get your credit score as a bonus as I stated on the last blog post. However, I believe it best to contact each agency separately and get your report for free without obligation unless you choose to join that particular site because they may have added benefits that you were not aware of. As I checked the web this morning, there are many sites and phone numbers but I think it is always best to go directly to the source and begin there.

1-877-322-8228 – Annual Credit Report Request Service – Sponsored by Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

TransUnion -800-888-4213

Equifax – 800-685-1111

You can choose either number to call, but be sure to call to get your free annual credit report to get the ball rolling on getting your finances in order to be better prepared to move into homeownership. Remember, you can also get a free credit report if you’ve been denied credit.

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