Green Technology Living Green in Atlantic County

Green Technology is making its mark in New Jersey with Princeton leading the way for colleges and universities when it installs a 5.3 megawatt solar collector field on 27 acres it owns in West Windsor Township.(1)  Verizon is also joining the green living technology by demonstrating its new connected home service. This home management system is designed to keep you connected to your home’s energy use and optimize its power consumption – All by using your smartphone – you may have seen the commercials on tv already. Verizon chose the state of New Jersey for its trial phase in March 2011.

Then there is always ENERGY Star label appliances that have been certified by the U.S. Government to exceed federal standards for energy efficiency. There is always something that we can all do to lessen our carbon footprint on the environment such as when you purchase new electronics that are going to be more ENERGY Star labeled, you’re also going to recycle your old electronics through your solid waste authority so those electronics don’t go into a landfill. How’s that for Living Green?


(1) The Green Technology Website-March 2011.

One thought on “Green Technology Living Green in Atlantic County

  1. Good post! There is so much more to learn about becoming an eco-friendly society. We must each take responsibility for being a good steward of our natural resources.

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