Is Green Technology in Atlantic County’s Future?

With the loss of 11 million American jobs to outsourcing, green technology has been touted as the solution to make sure American jobs cannot be outsourced going into the future. Can green technology be the answer? What is Green Technology? Green technology is considered such when it is used in an environmentally healthy way and conserves the natural resources of the environment (1).

With the economy in need of ways to keep jobs in America, green technology may be one of the answers to this challenge.  Atlantic Cape Community College has added the Green Education Institute to it’s Continuing Education Department and you can take several courses leading to a certificate in several areas of green technology. Check out the link below if you’d like to know more or pass on this info to someone else.

There are also SREC’s. Solar Renewable Energy Certificates that are available for homeowners and businesses as well.

Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs) or Solar Renewable Energy 
Credits are a form of Renewable Energy Certificate or "Green tag". 
SRECs exist in states that have Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS)
 legislation with specific requirements for solar energy, usually 
referred to as a "solar carve-out". SRECs represent the environmental
 attributes from a solar facility, and are produced each time a solar 
system produces one megawatt-hour (MWh) of production. The additional 
income received from selling SRECs increases the economic value of a 
solar investment and assists with the financability of solar technology.
 In conjunction with state and federal incentives, solar system owners 
can recover their investment in solar by selling their SRECs through 
spot market sales or long-term sales.(2)

Solar RPS requirements are meant to create a marketplace for SRECs 
and a dynamic incentive for the solar industry. Solar RPS requirements 
demand that energy suppliers or utilities procure a certain percentage
 of electricity from qualified solar renewable energy resources in a 
state. These Energy suppliers and/or utilities can meet solar RPS 
requirements by procuring SRECs from homeowners and businesses who
 own solar systems and produce SRECs. Homeowners and businesses can 
then utilize the sale of SRECs to help finance their solar systems by 
selling their SRECs up-front, long-term, or on the spot market.(2)

This type of technology should help America keep the jobs here without ever having to outsource again keeping our economy strong and enabling everyone to work, buy a home and be self-sufficient.


(2) Wikipedia.

One thought on “Is Green Technology in Atlantic County’s Future?

  1. Conscious entrepreneurs recognize the social responsibility of eliminating a potential negative impact that their products or services may have upon the social, economic, environmental and technological framework of our society. Congratulations to the citizens of New Jersey for taking the lead.

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